Reality of Our Toxic World

Posted by Jena Ann on Thu Aug 23rd, 2018 at 8:36 am

Over the years, more and more toxic chemicals have been added to food and consumer products. Anything that is prepackaged isn’t real food, and isn’t doing anything good for your body. We all know junk food (candy, chips, cookies, fried foods, etc.) are bad for us, but do we know to what extend? Or understand that processed foods for the most part are junk food? Yes, anything prepackaged isn't considered "real food." Additionally, America is the worst for adding toxic chemicals in food, many of which are banned in other countries. The healthiest way to shop a grocery store is to actually shop the perimeter. The most un-healthy foods are usually in the middle of a grocery store. Read more on toxic exposure here: Chemicals Are in Our Water, Food, Air and Furniture.


Toxins Do you realize if you have low energy, concentration issues, or fatigue, it is likely due to the food you are consuming?


Sugar and Chemical Additives Destroy Our Health


There is a lot of sugar in everything, and sugar is the main cause of obesity. Most people are addicted to sugar and don't even realize it. Read more on how sugar damages your health here: The Bitter Truth About Sugar. Products that don’t even need added sugar like syrups (which are already sweet) have high fructose corn syrup (a chemically processed sugar, that is harmful to your health and just makes you crave more sugar). It is in everything from ketchup and buns, to soda and ice cream. It is not necessary, and it does not add anything beneficial to the food. There are alternatives, and if you ask me they taste better without this ingredient. But, sugar is not the only problem. There are many chemical additives in our foods that lead to chronic illnesses. Here is some more information on some of the worst chemicals out there: 23 Worst Food Additives in America.


Toxins in Everyday Products

All chemical cleaners are very dangerous, and we have toxins in all the most popular brands of shampoos, lotions, perfume, makeup, basically all beauty products. Here is an article from Reader’s Digest with more information: 12 Toxic Ingredients Found in Your Beauty Products.


We Can Make Changes! We Can Even Alter Our Genes!

People who adopt a really healthy lifestyle, eat really well, control their stress, and eliminate as many toxins as possible will be less likely to get sick, even if certain illnesses run in their genes. The concept of Epigenetics explains that you can turn on and off certain genes by the healthy or not so healthy choices you make throughout your life. Read more on it here: Epigenetics and environmental chemical exposures


The Dangers of Toxins to Future Generations

The worse part of all this mess is there is evidence showing that these sensitivities and problems people are having in their bodies, such as heavy metals and chemical toxins, are being passed down from the mom to the kids through the umbilical cord. Which can cause illnesses in kids at a very young age. I got heavy amounts of lead in my body from my Mom that caused all sorts of problems. Some of which showed up at just 5-7 years old, when I had concentration issues known as ADHD. My Mom showed no signs of being sick, but I did. Except no one knew the causes of ADHD, like metals, neurological problems, and so on... in my case, which can be treated. Worse yet, research shows chemicals in people’s bodies are actually altering genetic function to not only be passed down to immediate children, but also grandchildren. This is based on actual research studies, read more here: How Toxic Pollutants Can Harm Future, Unexposed Generations.


So, what can we do with all this information?

Make healthier choices and let other people know about it. Natural and holistic practices are growing, and more healthy, natural products are being put on the market. But, not enough changes are being made, and not enough people know how toxic are world is. Spread the word!


Find out How to Lessen Your Exposure to Toxins


Get a better understanding of how this affects you and what can be done about it, in our last blog: Gaps in Our Healthcare Which Affects Everyone.


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