What We Endure

Chronic Pain Resources

As sufferers of chronic pain, we can find every aspect of daily life a challenge.  Things that other people are able to take for granted we may find impossible to even contemplate. 


A Life That Is Full & Enjoyable

Activities that are joyous, like the bouncing of a baby on our knee, participating in a charity run, or an evening out with friends may be impossible for us.  Activities considered relaxing, like taking a walk in the woods, lying on a beach, or sitting through a movie at the theater may be impossible for us.  Activities that lead to a healthier life, like running on a treadmill, stretching on the yoga mat or hiking on a trail may be impossible for us.

Defining Normal For Ourselves

Our world sometimes feels like we live as opposites to the “normal” people.  When people are laughing, we may be crying.  When people are smiling, we may be wincing. When people are shouting with excitement, we may be shouting in pain.  The battle we are constantly fighting inside our own bodies can prevent us from experiencing things the way other people do.

We often find ourselves not living each day, but just trying to live through the day.  We end up doing only the things we need to do just to get by.  While our family and friends might attempt to support us, nobody can truly understand the relentless challenges we face just trying to accomplish the most basic of tasks.

A Day At A Time

People who do not suffer from chronic pain or who do not understand will tell us with good intentions to hold out hope.  They tell us things are bound to get better.  For many of us, it feels as though hope has abandoned us.  We feel as though we are on our own, fighting a daily battle not with the hope of winning, but with the goal of simply surviving.  Hope seems like a luxury we cannot afford.