Virtual Action Based Support Group

Chronic pain affects millions of people across the country.

The Hope Against Pain meetings brings forth a unique one-of-a-kind, action-based peer-to-peer support group designed specifically to address chronic pain. Our community exists solely to provide its members with the support of fellow pain sufferers and to provide the information needed to create their own positive plan of action.

Chronic pain can break apart families and friendships, end careers, and leave a trail of life devastation in its wake. Someone living with chronic pain finds that others cannot relate to their situation, so they stop talking about it. They internalize their pain, their illness, each new trauma, each life setback and put on an outward face, a mask of "I'm fine" for everyone else to see. 


Our meetings use the Zoom platform, there is no software which you need to load. All you need is a link provided by us. Each member is verified before receiving a link and also before entering the meeting. 

To receive your meeting link email us at


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