What is Hope Against Pain?

Suffering from chronic pain makes you feel desperate and alone. We ask ourselves "Is there anything else I can do to ease the pain?" "Is there anybody else like me?" Feeling as though there is nothing you can do and nobody you can turn to who understands can leave you without hope.

As sufferers of chronic pain, we can find every aspect of daily life a challenge.  Things that other people are able to take for granted we may find impossible to even contemplate.  Hope Against Pain was formed to answer those questions. Our community exists solely to provide its members with the support of fellow pain sufferers and to provide the information needed to create their own positive plan of action. The idea is to instill the hope inside each and every person who comes to us that, by working through the Hope Against Pain process, they will be able to live the best and most fulfilling life possible.

Traditional support groups always stress the importance of willingness for their members to succeed but downplay the role of willpower. Hope Against Pain requires its members to bring both willingness and willpower with them to the process.

Our willingness will make us ready to do what we need to do to cope with and ultimately conquer our pain. Our willpower will give us the strength to persevere and keep going throughout our journey. Willpower will help to literally change our brain and the way we respond to the challenges and obstacles we can and do face.

We do not offer any cures, pain suppressing drugs or magic tricks for the removal of pain. We offer a plan and we offer hope. Hope is the greatest enemy of pain. Pain defeats us only by first removing our hope. Without it, we are unable to stand up and fight for ourselves and for a better quality of our own lives. With hope and a plan joined together, pain can be forced to step back into the shadows where it belongs.


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The Hope Against Pain Path

Overcoming pain is not an event, it is a process.  For those who suffer and who are truly willing to commit, here is a path that embraces awareness, action, and results.


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We are HOPE: Helping Open People's Eyes

How we become able to live with our pain is empowering

We can learn ways and skills to better manage our pain, relieve pain, and strive to live a better life.


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