Support is out there. It is okay to join a support group.

There are a variety of support opportunities available today thanks to social media. 

All support groups are not the same. Hope Against Pain is a unique action-based, peer-to-peer support group designed specifically to address chronic pain. While we need to vent, what we truly need is a place to create our own plan of action to improve the quality of our lives. Chronic pain may never go away, however, we can learn to live our best life possible while living with chronic pain.


The Hope Against Pain program was created by the real-life experiences of our founder who has lived with chronic pain since 1987. 

You can find groups to discuss your pain, diagnosis, tests, what others have tried, and so on. They are very useful but please keep in mind that each person is different. Someone may have the same situation as yours, say a moderately bulged L4-L5 disc causing sciatica down their left leg, however, their body is different than yours. There is a variety of contributing factors such as age, body weight, diet (see "Healthy Body, Food & Pain"), water intake for proper hydration, activity level they are able to do, do they smoke, was there an injury involved and more. The most important factor is our state of mind. No, we can not think ourselves to be healthy. Our state of mind comes into play when we decide to not allow chronic pain to control our lives. 

We strongly encourage you to utilize the different support opportunities available. Even with the differences mentioned above (just to keep in mind), there is really good information available as we each travel this journey. Whichever group you choose, whether ours or not, the most important part is choosing a path to improving your quality of life.

At, you will discover a wide range of information and resources specific to addressing chronic pain. There are numerous alternative treatments available today that can create confusion regarding which to try. We list over 20 different alternative treatments plus wellness information to allow to you make informed choices.


As we learn to live better with pain it may seem like just a pebble dropped in a pond. However, that pebble creates a ripple effect across the water.

Each step we take in learning to improve the quality of our life will create that same ripple effect throughout our mind and body.