What makes Hope Against Pain different from other support groups?

Hope Against Pain is an action-based support group designed specifically to address pain. Each member is taken along a path to improvement. The very same path our founder discovered, and created, on his journey to recovery. Members bring forth their willingness and their willpower as they go through their workbook, at their own pace, on their journey.

New Hope For People Living With Chronic Pain



Hope Against Pain is truly one of a kind. We raise people up by offering Hope, to encourage them to take action and to work towards improving the quality of their life. We do not offer any cures, pain suppressing drugs, or magic tricks. We offer a plan and we offer hope. Hope is the greatest enemy of pain. Pain defeats us only by first removing our hope.

The support group model is based on Hope Instilled's founder Jory Pradjinski and his battle with chronic pain which began in 1987. Without knowing during the ensuing years of extreme pain and suffering, Jory walked a path of true Hope. Against all odds of how his pain was taking his life apart, he kept looking to what was possible. The process was based on acknowledging his power to stand up and educate himself on his life's possibilities.

Today, through Hope Against Pain, Jory is reaching out to others, making available the path he journeyed through to guide them in adapting and discovering their new normal.

We look to partner with western medicine and alternative treatment practitioners, to take the quality of care patients deserve into the one-on-one support which makes a difference in people's lives. Hope Against Pain offers the action-based, peer-to-peer support people need.