Things to Remember

Hope Against Pain is a voluntary support group welcoming all those who feel they can benefit by learning an active process for coping with, and conquering, chronic pain.  We do not endorse outside products, treatments, medications, procedures, or service providers.  Our goal, through the sharing of experiences and the fellowship of association, is to help provide each member with the knowledge, strength, and courage to find the right combination of outside resources which will ultimately help lead them to a more fulfilling life.


During our meeting (and beyond), here is what Hope Against Pain asks of you…..

  1. Please make sure your cell phone is silenced.
  2. When you share your thoughts, please be mindful of the length of the meeting.  We want everyone to get a chance to contribute as they wish.
  3. Please don’t interrupt others while they are sharing.
  4. Share about you and not about other group members.  Please do not critique or criticize their comments.
  5. Pain can make us uncomfortable in a number of ways.  Please do not be embarrassed if you have to stand, move about the room, or leave the meeting while in progress.  Please feel free to return at any point if your situation permits.
  6. Don’t compare your progress to that of other group members.  Each journey is the unique experience of each member.
  7. Do not promote any particular “cures” or “solutions” for pain.

Using good manners and showing respect and tolerance for ourselves and others will make every meeting and every day a success.