Support is out there. Peer-to-peer support with others who are going through similar journeys as our own. Our pain may differ, but we all have had our lives impacted by our pain experiences. 

We need to find the courage and know it is okay, to ask and seek support. Our pain may be due to surgery(s), chronic illness, rare diseases or other causes. Yet, we share a common bond that others do not understand. This makes communicating with family and friends difficult. Peer-to-peer support offers the opportunity to come together and talk about things that others are unable to understand.

At, in addition to information, you will find a variety of peer-to-peer support forums. There is power in coming together, peer-to-peer, to talk about how living with chronic pain affects our life. There's no contest for who has the most pain here. Chronic pain is any pain which lasts longer than 6 months (best general description). Some may have had their pain begin within the past year, others may have been living with their pain for decades, in here we are all chronic pain survivors.


We each have much to share and learn. We each have ways to help others just by being here. Invite your family and friends who wish to learn more to join in our "Family & friends of someone living with chronic pain" forum. Our forums are safe, non-judgemental places to talk openly, vent, share stories with others who "get it". In addition, we listen to others and give them the respect we also desire. Please utilize as many as you like. Additional forum topics will be added so if you have a topic in mind please let us know.


Forum & Facebook Closed Groups Rules/Guidelines:


We do not: Talk about medications. Compare our progress with others. Give advice. Look for miracles. Judge other members. We do not replace any pain management therapies, medications, etc.

We do: Talk about what our pain and how it has affected our life. Talk changes it has made to our life. Continue with our medical care. Listen to others and give them the respect we also desire. Make our own decisions and take responsibility for them.


NOTE: No one is allowed to solicit group members for any purpose. • No one is allowed to promote any medication, doctor, surgery, medical clinic.

• Anyone found to be doing so will be requested to leave.




Follow the link below and click join. You will then have to wait to be approved. Once approved you can start participating in conversations and begin sharing.


NOTE: We will be creating more topic related Facebook closed groups as our membership expands.


Facebook Closed Group Signup (





Getting started: You will need to register: just your email, create a password and "forum name", your first name (last name is optional) and a phone number. You will "log-in" and "log-out" each time you visit.
(All information remains secure with us. It will not be shared, sold or used for any marketing programs.)


"Home" is the Forum main page where you will find a listing of the different Forums.

"Profile" is your information.

"Forum Name" is how you want to be called in the forums. Please consider adding your city/state/country to your forum name. By creating a forum name you can be anonymous.

"Signature" allows you an optional closing for your post. For example: "Yours in Hope, JoryP"


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"Create New" allows you to begin a subject. You have the option to subscribe to updates for any forum as well as any subject inside a forum.


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Stage 1 - Acknowledge
We Acknowledge that pain has adversely impacted the quality of our life as we had come to know it. The changes have done damage to our capabilities, comfort, relationships, and health.
Stage 2 - Believe
We came to Believe in ourselves. We knew that there is something and someone inside of us responsible for getting us to this point. We resolved to find and embrace that inner something and someone to help us through the process.
Stage 3 - Grieve
We were willing to take the time to Grieve the loss of things in our lives that our pain has taken from us. No matter what our losses have been, they are real. They need to be acknowledged, not dismissed; seen for what they are, not minimized.
Stage 4 - Educate
We made the commitment to Educate ourselves about our condition so that we can intelligently explore and pursue effective and realistic paths for relieving, coping with, and ultimately conquering pain.
Stage 5 - Forgive
We resolved to finally and unconditionally Forgive ourselves, our family, and our friends for the confusion, frustration and confrontation that have taken place over time because of our pain. While the pain might be inside us, it has also been felt by those around us.
Stage 6 - Apologized
We Apologized to ourselves and to others for the pain and suffering we caused while suffering from our own pain.
Stage 7 - Constant Contact
To never be alone, we promised ourselves and those around us that we would stay in Constant Contact with fellow pain sufferers to discuss where we are on our journey through the Stages and to ask the same of them.
Stage 8 - Stand Up
We resolved to Stand Up for ourselves with any and all service providers and to self-advocate for our rights whenever it is necessary to do so.
Stage 9 - Adopt/Adapt
We became ready to Adopt, and Adapt to, lifestyle changes that were necessary to improve our quality of life. We entered this process to find a better way. Having found it, we then embraced it.
Stage 10 - Reach Out
Having walked through the Stages, we made a commitment to Reach Out to others to let them know about this process and to assure them that they do not need to be left alone with their pain.